In I’ve Been Good So Far, author Joan Reid tells the true story of Flossie, her own daughter who was diagnosed with Organic brain syndrome and who, with the help of her family, was able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Flossie is Reid’s first child and her birth would change the life of her mother and her family in many ways. From the moment Flossie was born, her life has been a struggle. She experienced rejection by some of her own family and at three years old, she was diagnosed as having organic brain damage. She also became the victim of mistreatment when, at thirteen, she was placed into long-term care. In her thirties, it was discovered that Flossie had autistic spectrum disorder, a diagnosis which placed new light on Flossie’s difficulty adapting to change.

In I’ve Been Good So Far, Reid not only talks about the hardships that Flossie experienced, she reveals how she was able to weather the different storms in her life and how, despite her disability and the challenges she faced she remained a strong, forgiving person.

Flossie’s story brings encouragement and hope to families, caregivers and the loved ones of people with disability. To other readers it offers a better understanding of the struggles and fears of those who are coping with a medical condition. Honest, inspiring and deeply moving, I’ve Been Good So Far is a powerful testament of love, sacrifice, devotion and the human spirit.